General Overview d-dispensing

d-dispensing is a Manufacturing execution system (MES) for the weighing and dispensing process in production areas and laboratories of Chemical, pharmaceuticals-, cosmetics-, food- or detergent-industry.

The key performance of a digitalized production can be described: it gradually puts away paper, systems and machines work together and automatically exchange production-related data. For the less manual effort of documentation, you will become faster, more efficient and will have fewer errors.

d-dispensing had been developed in a production area and in close contact with employees working in a pharmaceutical or cosmetic company day by day. Our goal is to make the process of weighing and dispensing as efficient and easy.

d-dispensing documents each step electronically on the centralized database alongside your current processes. Your flexibility is maintained - the switch of a production order or raw material is done within seconds.

By no longer required counterchecks in 4 or 6 eye principle, the effective productivity is at least doubled by using a system to do the double-checking.

Each step from opening the program until closing is log in a database to ensure a complete audit trail (CFR 21 Part 11).

Weighing protocols and completeness checks are an integral part of the program. The batch traceability is given down to single containers/quants. Each weighing protocol is generated automatically and is available at the push of a button as PDF, Excel-Fille or CSV-File.

To make your production and handling of hazardous material even safer, we integrated the hazard information and CLP labeling information of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). All hazardous information for raw materials is displayed immediately with the selection of a raw material. Hazardous information of the Toxnet Database (Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program) is Displayed alongside. For Cosmetic usage, the Information (such as maximum concentration, usage area) of the Cosmetic ingredient database (COSING) is supplied.

Process reliability in each step and for each material is given. A reduction in operative overhead costs because of less administration and documentation are further benefits of using d-dispensing.

Cost effective working is not only regained by no counterchecks but also due to a seamless ERP integration - it eliminates to re-enter stock levels, even disposition is changed automatically.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  • Multiple Production Orders parallel
  • up to 200% faster weighting
    due to no longer requirement of Countercheck in 4 or 6 eye principal
  • Seamless traceable documentation of each step
  • Part-weighing for quant or LOT-number changes
  • Centralized data management
  • Harzad Information for all raw-materials
  • clear Material assignment to a production order
  • easy to read and machine-readable labels
  • Minimized operative overheads (administration and documentation)
  • Accelerated material and data flow
  • audit trail (CFR 21 Part 11)
  • automatic completeness check
  • ECHA, CLP, Toxnet, COSING integration
  • Compliant with EU 1272/2008


Load Tasks/Order from ERP

Your Production Orders and/or weighing/dispensing tasks load by the push of a single button from your main ERP-System such as SAP S4/Hanna, Oracle or MyFactory (further Systems on request).

Automatic Check

As soon as you selected a raw material and scanned the quant-number on the product, the raw material is checked with the database to ensure it is the correct material. Checks are also made to find part used Containers and to ensure FEFO and FIFO.


All Mettler-Toledo, Rhewa, Kern, Sartorius and many more scales are supported and will be linked directly to the software. Our goal is that you can concentrate on the weighing/dispensing process.


For each weight process, a new label is generated with all product information as well as net weight, tare value, and the gross weight and a unique identifier for each position. Traceability is given in each step.

Automatic booking

The Quantities used are automatically sent back to the ERP-System. Stock and dispositions could be updated immediately.


Each Weighing process is logged in a database. E.g. Batch-Number, quant, product number, employee, production order, batch-number of production order.

Feel free to contact us anytime, we are ready to help you!

d-dispensing is compatible with all Mettler-Toledo, Rhewa, Kern, Sartorius and many more scales with at least a COM-Port or a USB-Port.

It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10, Terminalserver as well as on all versions of OSX and a larger amount of linux distributions.

  • A Thin-Client or PC, Mac or Linux
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Zebra Printer for Labels
  • MySQL Database if no ERP System is in Place
  • d-dispensing licence
  • increased effiency up to 200%
  • reduction of bad batches and batches to be re-worked
  • advanced stock management
  • less raw material to dispose
  • increased production flexibility
  • more stable process
  • Full traceability throughout your production process
  • seamless integration into you ERP-System(s)
  • high Return on investment
  • streamlined process
  • A scalable system - 1 or 100 scales the amount is not limited
  • maximum prevention of operator errors
  • Adapted System to your ERP
  • A modern and continuously updated system for your dispensing tasks
  • Flexible adaption to changing conditions
  • Tested in the industry
  • Minimum training requirements
  • off-cloud safe central data storage
  • Ideal interaction between software, hardware and peripherals
  • Use your current Mettler-Toledo, Rhewa, Kern, Sartorius and many other Scales without the need to update those


Login / Language selector - d-dispensing
Login / Language selector - d-dispensing
Workflow d-dispensing
Workflow d-dispensing
select Production Order d-dispensing
select Production Order
Component Overview - Material selection - d-dispensing
Component Overview - Material selection
Material selected - d-dispensing
Material selected
dispensing overview with hazard information and automatic Link to ECHA and CLP Database d-dispensing
dispensing overview with hazard information and automatic Link to ECHA and CLP Database
hazard information and automatic Link to ECHA and CLP Database d-dispensing
hazard information and automatic Link to ECHA and CLP Database
quick check what needs to be dispensed - d-dispensing
quick check what needs to be dispensed
detailed check and evaluation - d-dispensing
detailed check and evaluation
generated Label after dispensing is finished - d-dispensing
generated Label after dispensing is finished