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General Overview d-production

the main purpose of d-production is to offer a cost-efficient real-time monitoring of your production lines.  Coming from a background of a fast growing mid-sized production company we often found us in the situation that a single production manager could not have a real-time overview of all lines and all occurring problems which might hold production. Even with additional staff, the problem rarely changed. Therefore, we at d-automation developed a simple, easy to use real-time monitoring system - d-production.

These days everybody speaks about Industrie 4.0, predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence. But most of the solutions are very complicated or expensive.
Our solution to get your lines digitalized is simple and cost-efficient. We will equip your production lines with a small unit - which measures about 13x13x8.5cm. This box brings predictive maintenance with artificial intelligence, KPI logging and measures the output rate of good and bad parts and sent all to a database. The same unit scans the RFID-Tags or your employees, so you know how many people are working on your lines.

A real-time cost calculation and cost matching feature are already built-in so you and your controlling team are in a position as never before to eliminate negative factors and processes in no time.

Predictive maintenance evaluates the condition of your production lines by continuous equipment condition monitoring. Therefore, you can perform maintenance at a scheduled point in time when the maintenance activity is most cost-effective and before the equipment loses performance within a threshold. d-production inspections are performed while your equipment is in full-service, thereby you do not have any disruptions of normal system operations. Adoption of predictive maintenance results in substantial cost savings and higher system reliability.

With the possibility to add a standard screen to our device, you have an overview at the lines itself of the current health level, output rate, historical output rates, material uses, employees logged to the line, special instructions to the production order and the quantity finished.

An increased efficiency of your line up to 25% is achieved because of a drastic reduction of unplanned downtimes. By measuring the output rates constantly critical points and processes slowing down your lines frequently can be identified as easy as never before.

With d-production, we give you all the tools you need to get your production paperless.



Two small sensors are put onto your line. These Sensors measure the health of your line, the current output rate, and further details. All data is analyzed within the embedded chipset and sent to a Database-Server.

The unit is also equipped with an RFID-Tag Reader and an HDMI Output.

User authentification is made by individual RFID-Tags for each user.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  • Health indicator of your lines
  • continuous equipment condition monitoring
  • constant KPI Logging
  • real-time output rate of all your lines
  • Easy to handle
  • Centralized data management
  • real-time cost matching
  • overview of the current progress each line
  • detailed analysis of all your lines
  • easy to understand user interfaces
  • Minimized operative overheads (administration and documentation)
  • Accelerated material and data flow
  • digitalize your production easily
    - no costly modification of your lines to get them to the 21st Centuary
  • no limitation in amounts of lines



the d-production hardware we supply will be mounted directly to your current manufacturing line. The unit is a fully customized PCB which enables you a plug-and-play functionality.

A 64bit Octacore CPU ensures sufficient computing power to run an artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance. Equipped with a 4.3 INCH (~10cm) capacitive multi-touch Hi-Res Display you can track the current output rate, historical output rates, employees logged to the line, special instructions to the production order as well as the current quantity finished directly at the display on the line. Alternatively, you can plug in any standard HDMI Screen up to 65" (inch) to the HDMI Port so you could easily add any standard screen for a larger view.

Equipped with an RFID-Tag-Reader you can use your current RFID-Tags to assign your Employees to the line automatically.


64bit ARM Octa-Core with 1.4GHz

Custom Hardware

tailor-made hardware for the highly sophisticated software solution


Easy connectivity to Barcode Scanners by Bluetooth


  • Bluetooth 4.1 Module (HS Low Energy (BLE)) for easy connection to barcode readers
  • Custom Software to connect to the Database
  • >1.4 GHz 64bit Octa-Core (8 Core) CPU
  • 1Gb DDR3 RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 Port
  • HDMI micro 1.4 Output
  • 1x USB 2.0 Type A
  • about height 130mm
  • about width 130mm
  • about depth 90mm


predictive maintenance connectivitiy
Load Tasks/Order from ERP

Your Production Orders is loaded by push of a single button directly from your main ERP-System such as SAP S4/Hanna, Oracle or MyFactory (further Systems on request).

predictive maintenance automatic check
Automatic Check

As soon as you selected a machine and scanned the barcode on the production order, all data is checked with the database to ensure it is correct.

predictive maintenance startup

Start your Machine as usual. Our Sensor will recognize the start automatically.

predictive maintenance monitoring
Real Time Overview

Check the progress, current speed, health level and output in real-time on the monitor at the line unit or on the production manager module.

predictive maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

The health-level of your machines is constantly updated. Get automatic warnings by the artificial intelligence if actions are required. Label events to further increase the performance.

predictive maintenance traceability

Each Line is logged in a database. E.g. Health Levels, Average Speed, Output, Employees at the line, production order. This data can easily be imported to excel, calculation files or any further analytic program.

predictive maintenance get offer
Feel free to contact us anytime, we are ready to help you!

d-dispensing is compatible with all tpyes of production lines with a measurable output. E.g. d-production is in use for Tube filling, Line-fillers, Turning Machines, CNC-Machines and many others.

  • A d-production sensor module
  • USB or Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • MySQL Database if no ERP System is in Place
  • d-production licence
  • increased effiency up to 25%
    due to a reduction of unplanned downtimes
  • reduction of unplanned downtimes by predictive maintenance
  • advanced line management
  • increased production flexibility
  • less express costs due to predictive maintenance
  • Full traceability throughout your production process
  • integration into you ERP-System(s)
  • high Return on investment
  • streamlined process
  • A scalable system - 1 or 1000 lines - the amount is not limited
  • maximum Overview of your production
  • Adapted System to your ERP
  • A modern and continuously updated system
  • Flexible adaption to changing conditions
  • Tested in the industry
  • Minimum training requirements
  • off-cloud safe central data storage
  • Ideal interaction between software, hardware and peripherals
  • Use your current production lines without the need to update those


Screenshot d-production
Dashboard Predictive Maintenance
d-production unit
Hardware Unit Predictive Maintenance
Screenshot d-production
Dashboard Predictive Maintenance
Screenshot d-production
Dashboard Predictive Maintenance
d-production unit
Hardware Unit Predictive Maintenance
d-production unit
Hardware Unit Predictive Maintenance
d-production unit
Hardware Unit Predictive Maintenance
d-production line view - home screen
Line View Predictive Maintenance
d-production line view - detailed analytic cycle rate
Line View Predictive Maintenance
d-production line view - production notes
Line View Predictive Maintenance
d-production unit
Hardware Unit Predictive Maintenance
d-production line view - employees logged in for production order.PNG
Line View Predictive Maintenance
d-production unit
Hardware Unit Predictive Maintenance
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